Fresh air concepts

Fresh Air Concepts


Our Product Line

Rainbow RainJet

The RainJet uses the natural cleaning power of water to remove ground-in dirt and grime from tile, linoleum and other hard surface floors. It features:

-A self-contained solution tank with the capacity to clean large rooms.

-Interchangeable sponge and brush attachments to scrub away embedded dirt and debris.

-A squeegee pickup blade for a fast, clean and streak-free finish.

Precise trigger control over the spray application of liquid cleaning solution.

Rainbow Jetpad (SuperMop)

The SuperMop is designed to clean tile, linoleum and other hard surface floors. Its extra-wide size covers a lot of ground, helping to clean even the largest room in minutes.

The SuperMop comes with two reusable microfiber cleaning pads, specifically designed to attract and retain dust and dirt. When your cleaning job is complete, simply throw the cleaning pads into the washing machine.

The powerful airflow of the Rainbow ensures that any dirt and liquid picked up, stays picked up. No other product of this kind can make that claim.

Rainbow Cleaning System

Harness the power of your Rainbow to clean every inch of your home with our specially designed tools. These attachments come standard with every Rainbow:

-Upholstery Tool

-Dusting Brush

-Floor and Wall Brush

-Crevice Tool

-Attachment Caddy

-Aerofresh Bag

-Inflator Tool

-8-Foot Hose

-Stainless Steel Wands

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Rainbow MiniJet

Easy to set up and use at a moment’s notice, the MiniJet harnesses the cleaning power of the Rainbow to shampoo, scrub and remove dirt and stains from smaller carpeted areas and upholstery.

The MiniJet’s long, ten-foot hose, refillable tank and trigger-activated spray applicator puts stain-removing power and spot cleaning versatility in the palm of your hand.

MiniJet is perfectly sized to clean:

-Carpeted stairways and closets

-Small area rugs

-Sofas, chairs and upholstered furniture

-Pet stains

-Vehicle interiors and floor mats*

*The Rainbow is not intended for outdoor use.

Rainbow RainbowMate

Extend the reach of your Rainbow Cleaning System with the RainbowMate, the accessory designed to clean limited-access areas. With its sleek, lightweight design and powerful, motor-driven brush, the RainbowMate makes it easy to achieve superior cleaning results in hard-to-reach areas.

The RainbowMate is sized just right for:

-Carpeted stairways

-Upholstered furniture


-Car interiors*

*The Rainbow is not intended for outdoor use.

Rainbow AquaMate

Maximize your Rainbow’s cleaning capability with the AquaMate. Using the natural cleaning power of water and our specially formulated AquaMate Carpet Cleaner solution, the AquaMate’s wide-angle revolving brushroll massages deep into carpet fibers for a thorough cleaning and rinsing.

-Ready anytime you need it, the AquaMate:

-Easily removes non-vacuumable stains caused from grease, oils, spills and pet stains.

-Cleans, reconditions and deodorizes your carpets.

-Dries quickly.

Rainbow Fragrances

Bring the sweet and refreshing smell of nature into your home with Rainbow’s collection of ten fragrances. Available in packs of four.

Apple Blossom










Luxury Collection

Indulge your senses with the Luxury Collection, available in four intriguing spa scents.

Lavender Juniper

Mandarin Rosewood

Orange Ginger

Tea Tree Mint

Rainbow Cleaning Solutions

Fresh Air

Eliminates unwanted odors from your home, leaving the air fresh and clean.

Clean Floor

Ideal for thoroughly cleaning hard surface floors.


Combines cleaning, reconditioning, deodorizing and protecting to leave carpets fresh and clean.


Quickly removes unsightly stains from rugs, carpets and upholstery using a specially formulated residue-free dry foam.

Rainbow Rainmate

How the RainMate Works

Perfectly sized to sit on any desk, countertop or nightstand, the RainMate utilizes pure, fresh water to circulate gently scented air into your home environment.

Air flows into the swirling water bath

Clean, fresh air returns to your room

Fragrance-infused, Recirculated Air

The RainMate includes long-lasting LEDs which illuminate the swirling water bath, making it the perfect “nightlight.”

It has two different light settings – low and high – and its pleasant hum, along with the fragrance-infused, recirculated air that it generates, makes it a wonderful night-time companion.